Friday, September 25, 2009

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I've moved my blog to:

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Miss ya! Come see me soon!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Long one filled with not so much..haha!

Kael and daddy!

Looking like a little man!

His favorite time of day: Bath time! When he hears the water running he starts to get excited!

A lot has happened since the last post.

Tim’s grandmother passed away on Sunday, September 6, 2009. Wednesday was visitation, and it's the first time I saw this woman and the last. It was the first time to meet Tim's mother's side of the family. I was excited to meet these people, and to gain insight into some of Tim's upbringing. He hadn't seen some of these people in nearly 15 years, a few years after his mother died. I was excited to show off Kael and to meet them. I just wish I had met Tim's mother. I'm sure she was a bright, brilliant woman to have had three beautiful, loving children. I missed the part of having a loving mother-in-law, and don’t have those horrid "mother-in-law stories" to tell about. I do have some horrid father-in-law stories, but we won't talk about those. *wink* Just remember, when you give birth, the MOST IMPORTANT thing to do RIGHT AFTER pushing the little guy out is TO CALL YOUR FATHER-IN-LAW THAT DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU 99% OF THE TIME! It was 2 hours after I had Kael when my sister walked into the hospital room that I got teary eyed and said, "I'm so sorry, Heather! I forgot to send you a picture, but here he is! Meet Kael!" I had promised to send her a picture first, before anyone else saw Kael, but in the overwhelming moments of just having Kael, I forgot. She forgave me, I guess with others it just takes time… ha! Not bitter here, not one bit! The visitation went okay and so did the funeral the following day. It took us about an hour to find it after having made it to the general vicinity. Who knew that Turkey Ford, OK would be a hard town to get around in? ha! We spent the remainder of the day with Tim's family, remembering their childhoods. Then, we had to go find a place to replace Tim's back tire because a nail had found its way near the side wall.

Kael is on the move. I put him in the floor, and he's to the door, to the kitchen floor, to the cords, to those other cords, or to the DVDs. Yes, I know, we are horrible parents for having cords in our house. We don’t have an entertainment center yet. I plan to get one as soon as we can, though, to hide those cords that Kael loves just so much! We also have a glass/very heavy/very unsafe coffee table to which Kael loves to reach under, throw his cars under, put his head under. Yes, we are getting a new ottoman/soft/very safe coffee table in October. One more month, people! Then the toys and blankets thrown all over the living room will be hiding nicely in the ottoman coffee table. See, there’s a dual purpose to it. Baby is safe, mommy is sane. :)

Let's see. Kael had his teeth brushed with tooth paste for the first time Tuesday night. We have to say "BITE" in order for him to open his mouth, though. He let me brush them easily last night, so I hope that's a good sign!

Labor Day 2009.

Friday I had the day off. Hallelujah! Wow. I just spelled that correctly, without having to use spell check! Any way – Kael was sick. He woke up with a horrid 103.5 temperature from his 10 – 1 nap. Any way. He was sick. He was better by about 4, though. His fever was down to 100, and he was acting perfectly fine. Blowing raspberries, laughing, smiling, eating. The boy doesn't ever complain unless we put him down in the middle of the night when he wakes up. I mean, how much better of a baby could one ask for? Any way. We head to Joplin to meet up with Tim’s brother and his family and Tim’s sister and her family. We eat at the Olive Garden, after spending some time at Sam’s getting some stuff for the house. We eat, then go to Target. I finished off Kael's fall wardrobe with two pairs of khakis. I’m sure he’s going to get more pants, but they were cute, so I got two. And, lo and behold, they fit. They’re a little long, but that’s okay since the boy is growing up instead of out as of late. Saturday was another lazy day around the house. Kael and I stayed at home while Tim worked. I may be getting this day confused with Monday, but I can’t remember…Thus why the confusion is there. Any way. At around 5:45, Tim started to fix dinner when his brother called and asked us to go to the Drive In. I’m usually against staying out late, no matter the day, because if I’m not in bed by 9 I’m dead the next day. Well, GI Joe and The Proposal were showing, so we went! And I’m glad we did! I love spending time with his family, and I love having Kael get to be with his aunts and uncles and cousins. I wish my sister and the kids lived closer to where she would be able to spoil Kael like I did her kids for so long. It really stinks, so I try to make the best out of it. Any way….We got to the Drive In at about 7:50. Let me tell ya, I’ve never seen Tim drive that fast since I was in labor driving to Springfield! Ha! The movies were great, and Kael was great during them! He got to try his first twizzler and loved it. Obviously he didn't eat a whole twizzler, not even a quarter of a twizzler, but he did suck on it and seemed to enjoy it. Twizzlers are my favorite. I did realize that I can’t drink most soda anymore. I can handle Sprite, and that’s it. I got a Dr Pepper at the drive in and drank about two sips but it was just way too sweet. So, I guess that solves my problem of needing to go off soda next pregnancy. Now I’ll just have to get off the darn sweet-n-low. Ha!

What else? Sunday we went to church. It was the big 50th Anniversary of Cherry Street Baptist Church. It was also me and my mom’s first nursery duty in the newborn nursery. I had switched with another lady to help her out. Ha! HELP HER OUT NO MORE! Just kidding, Melissa. But, seriously. Usually there are three kids, at the most, Avery, Kael, and sometimes Alianna. Do you know Kael? He’s a great baby. Doesn't cry unless there’s a real reason to it. Avery is a good kid, too. So, what happens to me and my mom? EIGHT KIDS! UNDER NINE MONTHS OLD! SIX OF THE EIGHT WERE CRYING AT ONCE! Avery and Kael were the only kids not crying. As a matter of fact, they were staring at these other loud CHILDREN screaming with this look of “Seriously, guys? Life is SO NOT that bad!” The child I was holding, Nathan, didn't have a collar bone, so I was afraid he was crying because I was holding him wrong. I know I wasn't, because his mom said this doesn't cause him pain, but I couldn't help but think it. Paxton, the child my mom was holding, well, his mom warned us he’s spoiled and that he may cry all morning. She had to come back and get him. I got Alliana in a swing and she stopped crying after about 5 minutes, thus when she fell asleep. I fed Madison a bottle and she stopped crawling. But boy is she a spitter. So we got her cleaned up. Sophie came at that point, and she’s just a newborn. She slept the whole morning away. Did I miss a baby somewhere? I don’t know. Nathan, Paxton, Madison, Alliana, Avery bumped her head and started crying, Kael saw everyone eating and wanted a bottle (so he could take two sips of it and be done), Sophie…I’m missing two but it was just my first day. I’m surprised I remembered all those names! All the while, my mom is swearing she’s going to beat me once nursery duty is over and I’m sitting there thanking Kael that he’s such a good baby and I love him more and more every second. This is all to say that, I could have handled one baby, maybe two or three crying. BUT SIX! I feel for that octuplet woman. I mean, she was stupid enough to get pregnant in the first place, but seriously. When one baby cries, it’s like an alarm for every other baby in the vicinity to start wailing as well. I feel for those mothers who somehow by nature get pregnant with multiples. It has to be really draining. The nursery director had to call in backups for us. So, all of us were holding babies, I was sitting in the floor with one in my arms and one leaned up against my leg. Whew! I think if we could handle that then we can handle anything else, Mom! Good job!

The weather is changing! It’s raining a lot, not unlike this Summer. We didn't have an extremely hot Summer. I’m thankful for that just because I don’t like heat that much. I do love a warm rain. Like today. It’s beautiful to walk in. I see all these people with umbrellas walking outside, while I hate umbrellas and avoid using them. I want to walk in the rain and enjoy it. Like I said, I love warm rain. I do not like rain in the Winter time when it should just be pretty snow but it’s not cold enough for that, though. I do love snow and can’t wait to have Kael in it this year. So, I hope we have at least SOME snow! Maybe a white Christmas for his very first Christmas.

Last year during this time I was huge and swollen and looking forward to meeting my baby boy. This year I’m enjoying him more and more every day. I love seeing his squinty eyes in the morning when he’s talking in his sleep, when I walk in the room he hears me and looks up with the cute gummy grin. Awe! My heart is melting as I write this. It’s amazing to think he’s 8 months old already. Where has the time gone? The years went by fast before Kael and now time is racing on by, not stopping for anything.

His first Halloween is coming up. I realize he won’t even be one, but who cares?! He’ll be crawling and/or walking by that point, and definitely cute enough for a costume and some pictures. I don’t have pictures of me on my first Holidays, and I want Kael to always see and remember through pictures that we took the time to celebrate the Holidays with him. Right now, we have a really cute cow costume for him that his Aunt Kim gave him. He’s going to more than likely be too tall for that, so I really want a monkey costume. I’ll have to get to looking for one. :) And Thanksgiving is right around the corner, too. I’m really excited because Kael will be able to actually eat “good” sweet potatoes and turkey and rolls. Well, not multiples of all those, but he can eat table food and enjoy it. Then, it’s Christmas. Man…Then it’s his first birthday. It’s amazing. This time of year it’s easy to get so caught up in the rush to stop and enjoy each other. I’m really going to have to focus on that. I've been planning Kael's birthday party for the past two months just so I don’t have to rush around after Christmas putting stuff together. I want to enjoy all the Holiday season with my new family this year.

Wow. This post is really long. I do apologize for anyone that actually does read this. I guess when you don’t write every day you have a lot to say when you actually DO write!

Have a great week everyone.